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‘Damia Ceramics’ –Feel the Difference. We are dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of extremely high quality porcelain stoneware .The aim of ‘Damia Ceramics’ is to offer the market exclusive products that combine technique and design to achieve the beauty ,durability and sustainability . We sincerely appreciate your choice of Damia Ceramics and we will keep on moving !

“达米雅︱磁砖” 一个诠译简约风格,追求优雅生活的磁砖品牌。 产品灵感来自不同大自然元素,如木材、石英石、混凝土、沉积岩、砂岩和大理石等,经过创新和改良加上现代科技装备以生产出卓越的磁砖产品。 本公司一直追求人与自然和谐发展,在追求发展的同时,我们也尊重对自然环境的保护,坚持可持续发展。